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Meet The Team

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth, and at Hollifield Financial Group we believe we’re doing our job best when you do less.


Helping reduce risk to your portfolio and helping you protect it from drastic change is our constant mission.

With Hollifield Financial Group our goal is to help you enjoy your life free from worry about temporary market trends and instability.

As a client of Hollifield Financial Group, you are working with a fiduciary independent advisory firm that can assist you in many areas. To learn more about our services, click the button below. We also encourage you to watch the video above, which features testimonials from some of Kimsey Hollifield’s clients, as well as insights from his wife, Lorna, about his character, financial expertise, and dedication to both his family and his work.

Kimsey Hollifield

Kimsey Hollifield is an Asheville-born retirement planning specialist turned Charleston nearly-native.

He began his career at just 20 years old as an insurance agent for the largest insurance marketing organization in America. At 23 he became the youngest GM in the history of the company, managing a team of 25. He quickly became one of the top 10 ICA agents for United Healthcare and received multiple sales awards from a plethora of insurance companies. His success at this firm prompted him to open his own company at 25 years old that would become Hollifield Financial Group. Since its founding nearly a decade ago, Kimsey has continued to strive for the best for his clients. He has received numerous industry awards, most recently accepting the Thrive Award from which recognizes the fastest growing financial advisors in America. Kimsey has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS. In order for Hollifield Financial Group to truly be full service, Kimsey furthered his education by earning his Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative license. This puts Kimsey under a fiduciary standard for his clients and allows him to offer a broad spectrum of investment options. Kimsey mentors close to 300 advisors in 16 states, but is still one of the top financial advisors in the country who remains accessible to his client family. ​ When Kimsey isn’t protecting assets with his safe money principles he is training for his next marathon, playing golf, spending weekends on the beach and enjoying everything that makes Charleston the greatest city in the country. ​ Kimsey and his high school sweetheart and wife of 15 years, novelist Lorna Hollifield, live in historic Summerville with their springer spaniel, Margaret.

Kim Milligan

Director of Marketing

Allow us to introduce Kim Milligan, a remarkable marketing director whose expertise has propelled our business to extraordinary heights. Hailing from the lowcountry, Kim's deep connection to the Charleston area fuels her passion for its unique attributes, including the captivating ocean, serene beaches, rich history, and above all, the vibrant community of individuals she serves. Having honed her skills in the medical field, Kim seamlessly transitioned into the realm of financial services, drawing upon her extensive experience to provide unparalleled support and guidance to our valued clients. Her genuine desire to work face-to-face with clients in a challenging yet friendly environment led her to join our team at HFG, where she has made an indelible impact on our success. One of Kim's extraordinary contributions lies in her exceptional event planning abilities. With remarkable efficiency, she orchestrates an impressive lineup of 75 public financial seminars each year, attracting eager attendees seeking invaluable insights and guidance. Furthermore, Kim spearheads 12 exclusive client events annually, cultivating a sense of community and ensuring our clients receive the attention and care they deserve. Her unwavering dedication to organizing marketing events across our multiple offices in four states has elevated our brand presence and fostered significant business growth. Under Kim's leadership, our firm has flourished, experiencing an astonishing 10-fold expansion. This remarkable achievement earned us the prestigious Thrive Award in 2019, recognizing us as one of the fastest-growing financial firms in the country. Kim's strategic marketing prowess, coupled with her innate ability to connect with clients on a personal level, has been the driving force behind our unprecedented success. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kim remains actively engaged in charitable endeavors, demonstrating her compassion and commitment to making a positive impact in the world. She dedicates her time to support the noble cause of St. Jude's, contributing to their life-saving mission. In her cherished role as a mother, Kim also embraces moments of play and imagination, joyfully engaging in dress-up adventures with her spirited daughter, Mayson. With Kim Milligan at the helm of our marketing endeavors, we have witnessed remarkable growth, unwavering client loyalty, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her deep-rooted connection to the Low Country, coupled with her exceptional skill set and genuine care for our clients, make her an invaluable asset to our team and a driving force behind our continued success.

Allison Jusino

Operations Director

Meet Allison Jusino, our esteemed Operations Director. Her exceptional skill set and unwavering dedication have made her an indispensable asset to our team. Hailing from the vibrant town of Towns River, New Jersey, Allison brings her innate passion for organization and efficiency to every aspect of her role. With an impressive 13-year career in the banking industry, Allison's expertise and attention to detail have been honed to perfection. Her extensive experience in the financial sector has equipped her with the knowledge and acumen necessary to navigate complex processes seamlessly, ensuring smooth operations and optimal client satisfaction. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Allison is a devoted mother to her two wonderful children, Jacob and Evelyn, and a loving wife to her husband Victor. Her commitment to family values and financial responsibility is exemplified through her adherence to Dave Ramsey's budgeting practices. This commitment has not only ensured her personal financial stability but has also positioned her as a valuable asset to streamline our operations, bringing efficiency and organization to the forefront. As the driving force behind processing all new business, Allison plays a pivotal role in our operations. From opening accounts to handling paperwork, overseeing transfers and rollovers, she diligently oversees each step, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients. In her endeavor to provide comprehensive support to our client families, she spearheads our upcoming budgeting service, offering personalized budgeting and debt reduction assistance through Hollifield Financial Group. Beyond her professional pursuits, Allison finds solace and fulfillment in her hobbies. She indulges in the art of gardening, finding joy and tranquility in nurturing plants and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Additionally, she actively participates in her church community, contributing her time and energy to foster spiritual growth and communal support. Further highlighting her versatility, Allison also assumes responsibility for our fundraising programs. As part of our commitment to giving back, we have pledged to donate an increasing percentage of our revenue and engage in volunteering endeavors. With Allison at the helm, she takes charge of organizing and driving these initiatives, ensuring their success and making a positive impact within our community. Allison Jusino's exceptional organizational skills, financial expertise, and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable Operations Director. Her commitment to streamlining processes, introducing budgeting services, and overseeing fundraising efforts solidifies our position as a leading financial firm. With her at the helm, our operations run seamlessly, and our commitment to client satisfaction and community betterment remains unwavering.

Chesley Lanford

Health Insurance Representative

Meet Chesley Lanford, an experienced and dedicated health insurance agent who has been serving clients for over a decade. As a licensed independent agent, Chesley strives to offer his clients the highest level of service at the most affordable rates. He has established partnerships with industry-leading insurance providers such as Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, and BCBS, ensuring a wide range of options for his clients to choose from. With a client base of nearly 200 families, Chesley has built long-lasting relationships, with many clients staying with him until they reach Medicare age. He specializes in assisting clients with the transition to different insurance programs when the time comes. Accessibility is a core value for Chesley, as he makes himself readily available to address his clients' needs, except during UNC basketball games, when his unwavering support for his beloved team takes precedence. Beyond his professional endeavors, Chesley is deeply connected to his community. He is an Asheville native with a passion for photography that has garnered him numerous awards and recognition. His captivating work has been featured by renowned institutions such as Disney and the Biltmore Estate. Chesley's artistic skills extend to his contributions as the photographer for Hollifield Financial Group's brochures and website. When he's not assisting clients or capturing moments through his lens, Chesley embraces adventure. You'll often find him cruising in his Jeep, with the doors off and the top down, making his way to the beach. Additionally, Chesley is an enthusiastic Peloton rider, known as Chesley22 in the Peloton community, where he combines his passion for fitness with a supportive online network. With Chesley Lanford as your trusted health insurance agent, you can rest assured that your clients' needs will be met with professionalism, expertise, and a personal touch.

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Craig Story

Financial Advisor-Jacksonville Office

Bio coming soon

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Josh Fisher

Insurance Agent-Asheville

Are you looking for a financial advisor who combines expertise, relatability, and a passion for helping people secure their financial future? Look no further than Josh Fisher, a seasoned professional based in Asheville, NC. Originally from Hickory, NC, Josh's educational journey began at Hickory High School, where he excelled academically, earning honors. He further pursued his education at Catawba Valley Community College, where he obtained an Associates in Applied Science in Architectural Technology, once again achieving honors. This foundation of knowledge and analytical thinking has provided Josh with a unique perspective when it comes to financial planning. In 2011, Josh followed his love for the mountains and made the move to Asheville. Alongside his professional pursuits, he enjoys tending to his small hobby farm during his spare time. From raising chickens, ducks, and rabbits to honing his skills as a hobby photographer, Josh finds joy in the simple pleasures that life has to offer. But don't let his diverse interests fool you – when it comes to financial matters, Josh is laser-focused and highly capable. With a specialization in retirement planning, he understands the intricacies of ensuring individuals don't run out of money during their golden years. He knows the importance of safeguarding your assets and designing strategies that protect you from stock market crashes. Josh's expertise, combined with his ability to simplify complex financial concepts, makes him an invaluable asset to those seeking a secure retirement. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Josh finds solace and fulfillment in his personal life. He celebrates a decade of wedded bliss with his wife, Jordan, a testament to his commitment and dedication. Together, they prioritize family time, spending quality moments with their children, Oliver and Everett. Building with Legos and engaging in outdoor activities foster a bond of love and playfulness that enriches their lives. And let's not forget Josh's culinary adventures! He enjoys firing up the smoker and grill, savoring the flavors of his home-cooked meals. Whether it's experimenting with new recipes or enjoying the satisfaction of creating delicious dishes, Josh knows how to find balance in life. So, if you're seeking a financial advisor who combines intelligence, capability, and a relatable approach, Josh Fisher is the one you can trust. With his expertise in retirement planning and commitment to your financial well-being, he will guide you through the complexities of financial management, ensuring a secure future for you and your loved ones.

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Jeremy Kipka

Insurance Agent-Asheville

Bio coming soon.

Jack Lovingood

Insurance Agent-Asheville

Bio coming soon.

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