Fixed Indexed Annuities. “Made for times like these”

A FREE 30 minute master class on how a fixed indexed annuity can provide safety, a reasonable rate of return, and simplicity.



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Webinar Topics


Discover the origin of annuities and fixed indexed annuities. 

Financial Tools

There are many different financial tools. Learn which is right for you.

Personal Account

Take a look at Kimsey Hollifield’s personal annuity to see how he uses it.

Why We Created This Workshop

If you’re like most hardworking Americans, you don’t want to work forever, and retirement is something you’re looking forward to enjoying.

Chances are you’ve seen the market go up and down over your career and you’re looking for strategies to help create a durable inflation protected income plan to last throughout a lifetime.

We host these workshops to help inform those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel so they can have the confidence to retire when they want.

About Your Host

Kimsey Hollifield
Financial Advisor

Kimsey Hollifield is the Founder and Lead Financial Advisor of Hollifield Financial Group. He opened his business in 2010 at the age of 25 because he believed he could develop a more genuine connection and level of appreciation for his clients than had he remained an employee under someone else’s vision. He founded Hollifield Financial Group on the principles of respect, integrity, and honesty.